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Superheroes (Sold out) check back soon


The magician asks for a kid volunteer from the audience and performs any rope trick. An idea here would be to do a cut and restored rope and use the cut/no cut scissors for extra laughs. Once you are finished with the rope trick you cut the rope so that one piece is about a 12-14 inches long, you throw away any leftover and hand the usable piece to the volunteer. The magician shows 6 different superhero figures and then asks the volunteer who his favourite super hero is. There is tons of room for talk about some of the villains, arch enemies, maybe do Bane’s voice etc. Then the magician shows corresponding numbers of the superheroes in a see through bag. The kid is asked to pick out a number while looking away from the bag so he can’t see who he’s choosing. He chooses # 2 Spiderman. All of the superheroes are then placed into a receptacle ie. box, garbage can, bag, small case etc. The magician now pulls out his smart phone and says he just got a really cool app that brings things to life, makes them think and move. He now brings out a small bag and asks the volunteer for the rope. He puts the rope in the bag and pulls it closed, then gives the bag to the volunteer to hold by the drawstrings. The magician now picks up his smart phone and asks everyone to watch the bag. He announces he will start the app. All of a sudden the bag starts to wiggle and after several seconds stops. He hits the app button again and it starts wiggling once more then stops. The magician takes the bag back from the volunteer opens it to show that the rope has tied itself into a big bow knot like shoelaces. He puts the bag away and asks the kid to pull one end of the rope which undoes the knot. He now takes the rope lowers it into the box with one hand and with the other hand hits the app. He never lets go of the rope and after several moments lifts up the rope and Spiderman is now seen tied onto the end of the rope. Applause all around and the kid heads back to his seat. Action heroes, clear force bag and numbers, special rope, bag with remote control movement included (Starts and stops when you want, see bag movement video below)

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