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Home Invasion Studios

When not performing around the world Dave along with his partners own an exciting new company that develops TV and film projects called Home Invasion Studios. He is the founder and managing partner and helps produce, write and direct content for clients and broadcasters around the world.

Home Invasion Studios is currently developing over 50 TV properties, including dramas, game shows, documentaries, short films, lifestyle, cooking and travel shows and four feature length films. Here are sizzle reels for the the crazy new game show “EXTREME SANDBOX” and the comedy reality show “THE WINNER” currently being developed.

Writer, Producer, Director

As a proud member of the Writers Guild of Canada, David has written several sitcoms including “BINGO” “BELLEVUE COUNTRY CLUB”,  “THE LOCAL” and nine feature length screenplays. His suspense thriller “THE CAGE” has been optioned by Wald Pictures in Hollywood, and his comedy “SWITCHED AT DEATH” won Best Feature Length Screenplay at the 2018 Canada International Film Festival and is a finalist at the 2020 Houston and Portland Comedy Film Festivals. His action movie “THE HARVEST” is being produced with partners Triality Productions out of Paris. All other screenplays are also currently available for option. More info on each project at Home Invasion Studios

He also wrote, produced and directed the short film,  “ROAD RAGE” (email for password as it’s on festival circuit). Shot in autumn against the beauty of the Hockley Valley area of Ontario, Canada, David in his directorial debut captures the desolation of rural living in this short film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With minimal dialogue and a psychological bent, Director of photography, Ali Greene takes the audience on a ride both visually and emotionally as tension builds to a fever pitch as a rural couple get followed by a man through town and back to their desolate country home in this well acted, gritty little suspense short. Trailer next panel.


Here’s the trailer for his short film ROAD RAGE

“A rural couple are terrorized by a man who may have killed their only son in a suspected case of Road Rage.”

“Off The Hozzle” TV show
Dave is the Director and one of the Executive Producers of “Off the Hozzle“. Golf’s new comedy/travel/buddy/revenge show seen on CBS Sports Network in the US and TSN in Canada.

Comedian Dave Hemstad and broadcaster Mark Zecchino met as teenagers and have been trying to get the best of each other ever since. Join them as they travel to exotic locales in their continuing quest for glory and adventure at the other’s expense.

Each episode asks, where are we and what’s the loser have to do this week?

Shot on location, produced and edited by another venture Dave’s proud to be part of Consensual Productions.

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He also finds time to write, produce and star in comedy short films, commercial spoofs, industrial films and his award nominated web based comedy series “The Shitdisturber”.

“The Shitdisturber” is the guy who acts upon ideas that every day people wouldn’t consider doing. Whether he’s giving tickets to parking cops, pricing a Brazilian waxing for himself or walking into a bank with a ski mask on, he always delivers fun!

Greeting Cards

Written by Dave and professionally drawn and designed by one of Canada’s finest artists Donald Mackenzie. When purchased, a high resolution PDF is sent and can be printed on regular letter size paper (without the “Sample” mark) and can be printed over and over! Use many times for different friends, family and co workers! Beautifully drawn with full colour cartoons, funny payoff inside and “Shitdisturber”© logo on back making them very professional looking to give. Designed in such a way that when folded it slips into any regular sized invitation envelope. (Comes with folding instructions for those who need them). Cards denoted as ***NEW are being added regularly! $4.00 each with $1.00 from each card going to Cancer research.

High-Handed Game

Where poker and scrabble collide!

High-hand-ed is a brand new concept in card games. It is a card game but utilises a playing grid on which the cards are laid. The object of the game is to score points by building connecting poker hands up and down, sideways and diagonally. The person or team that has the highest score after all cards have been played, wins. A fun new game for friends and family….. that’s easy to learn!

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