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The Paper Cutter

The Paper Cutter version of Shop Teacher


A very visual bit for the comedy performer! Dave has used this in comedy clubs, campuses and on TV for years. At any point in your act you put your hand, palm down on this odd looking wooden apparatus. Your unprotected hand lies under a saw guide. You produce a foot long dovetail saw, put the saw into the saw guide and talk about how your high school shop teacher almost lost his fingers because he wasn’t careful with his tools. As you do this you make a quick sawing motion and visually cut your fingers off from the knuckles down!

This new updated version let’s you remove the saw and a flat red kind of bone end incision is left visible to the audience! Laughs and gasps come at the same time as your severed hand falls to the floor! Each of these are hand made (no pun intended) to owners hand size.

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