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The Mouse in Blender

The Mouse in Blender (Sold Out) Check back soon


This item is available now for the first time. Dave's mouse in Blender Trick. He honed this bit at comedy clubs and performed it for years as a stand alone trick then put it together with his hilarious redneck version of River Dance “The Gord of the Dance” to end his first One Man Show. You get the specially adapted blender and table, receptacle for holding the mouse safe and secure, tail with holder and the performance rights. What the audience sees: The magician makes a mouse appear or (finds it in his case, backstage etc.) He takes it and places it in the blender, puts on the motor, turns it to high then takes a sip. Dave used to use a milk pitcher add fruit juice and make mouse smoothies! The possibilites are only within your imagination. Only a limited amount have been made.

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