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Re-Inventing the Wheel

Re-Inventing The Wheel Manuscript (Download)


After living in Las Vegas in the early eighties and (making it to the third round of the World Blackjack championships in 1981) David has become a noted gambling lecturer in Canada (for many large corporations) and gives seminars to the public explaining his sure fire Roulette procedures he stumbled onto in 1997.

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After three years of research and over 35,000 spins at roulette tables across the world, David is releasing this one of a kind manuscript on Advanced Roulette procedures, featuring “The Masters” roulette procedure. A procedure which until recently has gone unnoticed in the gambling world…… until now! Guaranteed to make the gaming world sit up and notice. There is an anomaly about the roulette layout that has been overlooked for years, let David show you the fundamentals of these principals and start consistently winning at roulette. Easy to follow but not recommended for the beginner gambler. This is an underground manuscript and only for serious players. The game of roulette is not taught and you have to come to the table knowing the game inside and out.


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