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You've stumbled into the

The David Merry Magic Store

From the Creatively Demented Mind of    David Merry


 Canada’s foremost stand-up comic/magician and recipient of

Canada’s "Club Comic of the Year" Award



Comes the first allotment of pieces from his own professional repertoire he’s making available to the magic fraternity!

You can now view most of these pieces here with the handy "Youtube" links


With over 6800 shows under his belt (in comedy clubs and corporate events) David has finally been convinced to start releasing some of his best bits he has traveled the globe with for the last twenty five years.

With many more being added all the time

Dealers Welcome                We Ship Worldwide!


Tricks, Props and Gags


The Ultimate Appearing Bowling Ball ©


A huge seller when Dave does his lecture tours. This is about as visual and pure as magic gets. He always wanted to produce a bowling ball from his suit jacket without any awkward moves or motions. After weeks of prototyping and development this version was born and this has been an item right out of his professional repertoire that served him well for many years. This is a stunning production of a bowling ball done right in front of the spectators. It’s simplicity and handling is the true genius here. It will truly catch your audience off guard and leave them scratching there heads. After his show, this is another one of the items that he gets asked about the most. At any time in your act you remove your jacket, you show it (in a casual way) freely and pull items out of the pockets. Dave does jokes about a few items in the pockets of his jacket and then when you finally want you produce this full size (and weight) bowling ball, out it comes! The specially made gimmick and delivery system gives you the ease and proper cover needed to pull off this astounding production.

Ball and gimmick included and come with ideas and tips that include many subtleties needed for this fabulous revelation! Video instruction is also included.


This is a regular bowling ball!  Specify your color (or number) of ball at no extra charge.

Blue Ball

Price: $218.00



Above Colors

 Price: $228.00


         The Improved Shop Teacher ©


  Shop.bmp (552054 bytes)

A very visual bit for the comedy performer! Dave has used this in comedy clubs, campuses and on TV for years. At any point in your act you put your hand, palm down on this odd looking wooden apparatus. Your unprotected hand lies under a saw guide. You produce a foot long dovetail saw, put the saw into the saw guide and talk about how your high school shop teacher almost lost his fingers because he wasn’t careful with his tools. As you do this you make a quick sawing motion and visually cut your fingers off from the knuckles down!

This new updated version let’s you remove the saw and a flat red kind of bone end incision is left visible to the audience! Laughs and gasps come at the same time as your severed hand falls to the floor!

Each of these are hand made (no pun intended) to owners hand size.

Made to order specify left hand or right



Price: $198. 00


Added just recently the

The Paper Cutter version



Price: $238.00


The Tragedy Tray

AKA: The Comedy Drop Tray (seen here with wireless remote)

**** It's Finally Here! ****

Dave has had more offers to release this piece than any other item in his show.

This has been a staple in Dave’s act for years. He had the prop custom made for him and wanted to release the item when he found the right builder whom he trusted and could ensure the standard needed for it's design. The man who built most of the electronic props and remote control inventions in Dave's show "Don't Panic Remain.Com", builds these. Dave has been friend and collaborator with Joe Leskovar (maker of high tech magical apparatus including "Stagecue") http://www.stagecue.com/intropro.htm  for many years. This is an unbelievably useful utility item, to which end there is no limit. It is finally available for the first time. It is a wireless remote control tray that will fall out of the spectators hands on command. When you get an unsuspecting volunteer to hold this tray during any magic piece in your act, whatever you have resting on the tray hits the floor at your command. The possibilities are endless. The boundaries are only limited by what you can think of putting on top of the tray. Customizing events for his corporate clients, Dave has used every product imaginable. Comedy club uses have included, glasses full of liquid, very intricate leggo buildings (painstakingly built by his kids), card castles, jewelry, a china tea set, A tray of beer cans, and a domino set up. Whatever you deem to be either fragile or valuable works best. Currently Dave puts his grandfather’s ashes (in an urn) on top. He asks the volunteer to hold the old mans remains and when he turns around to get a table for her to rest the tray on, it comes crashing to the ground.

Available now for immediate delivery, more being manufactured weekly.

All individually hand made comes with handling ideas and gags


This is the updated version from the one seen in the video below, more streamlined with many improvements and advancements. It delivers a small amount of electric current which causes the spectator to release the tray with one hand! Totally self contained.

Price: $395.00

The one seen in the video is mechanical and can also be purchased

Price: $795.00


            Drill Through the Finger ©     


Again, at any point in your act you can produce this item and talk about how much fun you have "wierding" people out, or scaring away door to door salesmen, etc. The “how you present it” is up to you! You pull out (from your table or case) a full size electric drill with a one foot drill bit in it. You put it up to your finger (which one is up to you) and proceed to visually drill a hole right through the end of your digit! You can go back and forth as many times as you like. Really demented and again a great laugh getter! This version lets you purchase the gimmick itself ….. you supply your own drill! Comes with everything you need.



Price:  $69.00  

Price: With Corded Drill $165.00




The Seniors Map ©

**** This item sells out in minutes at his lectures ****

 It again is a very visual gag and better than that very magical looking at the same time. You can do jokes about how tough it is to fold maps, Dave does material about senior citizens, growing old etc. At that moment you bring out a totally folded map. It is brought forward and unfolded in front of the audience. Dave explains that he has invention a map for those senior drivers you see on the road with the left turn indicator on and a map out while driving. “Seniors have more trouble than anyone folding these things up….until now. I have invented this (unfolds map) “The Senior Map”. At that point you watch with the audience as the map instantly and visually folds up before their eyes. This gets a huge laugh and looks amazing.

Individually hand made



Price: $128.00


     Body Flossing ©

**** Another Top Seller, Newly improved ****



This is the first time this has been available for purchase. The stunning updated version of this was recently invented at a recent Magic Convention during Q & A at one of Dave’s lectures….. it went directly to his workshop and then immediately into his show! At any point in your act you pull out a length of rope for display. You hold it between two hands and are facing the audience. You then turn sideways and when you turn back a second or two later, the rope is seen to be passing right through your body. This is the best and most visual instant version of the rope through body and the stage version (it is a thick rope) Dave uses in his show. The concept has been around for a long time but here’s where the similarities end. When the rope is moved up through the body from the belly button region to the shoulder blades, the piece of rope seen coming out of the performers back can be released with the hand. People are taken aback by the quickness of the illusion but are in awe when you let go with the hand at the back. Of all the pieces in Dave’s show this is one of the top three most talked about. A real attention getter and very visual! Comes complete for performance, with all gimmicks and adjustable harness!

All individually and hand made



Price: $145.00


The Nail Gun

This is a fun little bit that Dave has used to introduce a card trick he does in his act. It involves a nail gun and your forehead. It is a very visual gag and really gets an amazing reaction. It is very off beat and will have people talking long after the show is over. You start the gag off by picking up this electric power assisted nail gun and  "shooting" a couple of nails into a piece of wood. The nails are shown to the audience. Next you take a playing card and hold it to your forehead and kaboom...you nail the playing card to your forehead! The nail is seen sticking an inch out of the playing card. Very visual and nasty! This diabolically strange gag is 100% safe and needs only a little rehearsal. Handling and ideas come with bit!


Price: $115.00


World's Best Cap in Bottle ©


The classic cap in bottle trick but finally a version that can be done from the stage and with complete confidence. The handling was worked out in conjunction with Jay Sankey and now stands up to real world use. The initial idea of the Cap in Bottle was incredible, however it had definite limitations. The angles were bad, it was a tiny bottle and the gimmick wasn't 100% reliable. Dave's version was invented out of necessity. It had to be big for the stage, it only uses half a lable (the back 2 thirds of the bottle are clear) and it has to work every night. All of the problems were solved and improved and can be done under close scrutiny (i.e. front row) with no worries! At some point in your act you bring the bottle out in front of the audience and it is seen to be empty. You state that you will show them something unusual. The cap is removed from the neck and held in the right hand. In the wink of an eye the hands come together (like in a throwing motion) and the bottle cap is seen to have penetrated the bottle and is now visible inside. The performer now states he will attempt to remove the cap from the bottle and then proceeds to do just that to the amazement of the audience! Through routine and handling suggestions from Jay this piece finally can be performed without worry and with confidence on a nightly basis! Truly the world’s best!

All individually hand made comes with handling



Price: $85.00


      Acupuncture ©



Another new item recently added to Dave’s Magic Store. This optically perfect illusion was stumbled upon by Dave in his workshop several months ago. It was shown to a group of magicians and was an instant hit. The performer takes a rubber glove, the type that one would wear when working with chemicals or toxins and slips it on either hand. He then lets a spectator examine an everyday knitting needle (without the number ball on the end). He then proceeds to push the knitting needle right through the back of his hand. He may let the needle stay there as long as he wants then removes it or better yet lets the spectator remove it for him. Another featured piece from Dave's professional act.

Made to order specify left hand or right hand glove



Price: $75.00


Excuse me what time is it? ©

One of Dave's best gags, "What time is it". The performer can load this gimmick quick and easily at any point. He is then seen standing with his jacket over his outstretched arm and his hand and watch are visible. The gag is very visual, when someone asks you for the time at a party you roll your sleeve back bit and say well let me see? The next thing the audience sees is your watch and arm spinning around over and over again. Gag ideas and extra jokes come with the item!



Price: $116.00


The Varicose Vein

This little oddity has been in his act for years. Again it is one of the hundreds of gas he has in his act and can be done offhanded and at any time. In the middle of any trick, story or bit you quite simple can appear to pull a varicose (or any) vein right out of your leg. Yes you just reach down and pull that sucker out! Another great laugh in Dave's act!

As with all his gags these are individually produced and made. Size isn't an issue unless you are XX large in the leg dept. Inform if so.



Price: $96.00


The Wine and Cheese party

This is an odd bit of business and an item Dave came up with for his TV series in Canada that needed 12 “Geek” pieces. The item became a staple in his club act and was seen by thousands of people in comedy clubs across North America. It involves a cheese knife and your forearm. There is really no other way to introduce this item! He used to talk about ducking out of dull parties early, by using this gimmick. “if you got bored at wine and cheese parties you could always wait for the cheese tray to come around and do this” Dave would grab the cheese knife off the cheese tray and take it to his forearm, as you do exactly as follows…..you pretend to slice a nice chunk of forearm skin off and expose it to the audience. This visual oddity gets great laughs and shrieks all at the same time!

Gimmick and cheese knife included, you supply the gore!


Price: $55.00


Arm Sanding ©  

After complaining about scabs, tennis elbow, skin rashes or anything else you can come up with, you bring out a high speed sander and show it to the crowd, (this gets a laugh already.) Then you calmly proceed to roll up your sleeve (if not wearing short sleeves) and sand the problem off! When you put the sander to your forearm, you let out a scream as a huge pinwheel of sparks go flying 15 feet to the side. Very unexpected, unbelievably visual. A great laugh getter!



Sa.bmp (658422 bytes)


Price: $145.00

Video coming soon




Jackass Caps ©



Don't you hate when that Cadillac Escalade takes up two parking spots in a busy parking lot or someone blocks your exit as he runs into the bank for 5 minutes. Dave always wanted to let the air out of their tires but was too nervous of getting caught. If you were to go down on all fours and spend two minutes deflating the guys tires you would easily be seen...until now. JackAss Caps © are Dave's biggest sellers after his live shows. They are ingeniously designed nozzle caps that you screw onto tires that deflate tires while you are nowhere near. If you can unscrew the old caps and screw these ones on you are qualified to own Jackass Caps © Two per pack see picture below




                                                        Price: $10.00  for pack of 2........$15 for pack of 6                            




T Shirts, DVD's and Books



The "Seatbelt" T Shirt ©

This is the specially made T shirt he sells at his shows. It is a white T shirt (Sizes L and XL) with a seatbelt printed on it that runs from the left shoulder to the right hip.  If a policeman were to see you in the driver's seat of your car, it looks just like you're wearing a seatbelt, just in case you've forgotten it! ***But please get a life....This is not to be used as a substitute for seatbelts....  Wear it often and never worry about seatbelt tickets again! A great gag and huge seller! Wear it yourself or the perfect gift.

Price: $16.00




                 The "DON'T PANIC REMAIN.COM" T Shirt   

This is the Tour T shirts he sells at his shows with the logo on the front.  Only comes in Black and one size large.

Price: $16.00





                                                                              Performance DVD ©


Nominated for the 2003 Canadian Comedy Awards as “Best One Man Show”.


This DVD was shot live at the Wolf Performance Hall in London , Ontario Canada during the 2003 Canadian Comedy Festival. 


See what happens after 22 years in comedy clubs and corporate events when one of the best comic magicians working

today decides to take two and a half  years to put together his totally new "One Man Show".



"David Merry has one of the funniest comedy magic acts I have ever seen."

- Mark Wilson


"I have known David Merry for over twenty years.  We used to session together, "back in the day," and since then I have worked with him countless times.  Drop him into ANY performance situation, day or night, in front of ANY audience, and he will always rock the room.  David is that darn experienced, and that darn good.  The guy is nothing less than bullet-proof."

 - Jay Sankey


"David Merrys Magic and Comedy is one of the best kept secrets in the magic world. A Canadian who soon will take the world by storm." 

- Obie Obrien   P.P. IBM 1993-94 & The Head Forker at FFFF.


"I was in my dressing room and heard this thunderous laughter from the
audience.  I came out to see what all the excitement was about and it was
Dave Merry onstage.  He was killing them."

- Kevin James

"This guy just never quits! Onstage and off, Dave Merry's show is more than
just fun - his humor is intelligent, his persona is charming and his magic
isn't half-bad, either! Buy his DVD - just don't trust him with your car keys!"
- David Oliver

"WOW! I couldn't have asked for more. The audience loved you. I'll be calling about a return engagement.

- Hank Moorehouse    Abbott's Get Together 2002


"David Merry was one of the highlights of the CAM convention. He delighted his audience with his hilarious comedy routine, and many people have asked us to hire him for the next convention.  They couldn’t get enough of him! We will no doubt have a larger crowd next year because of David."

- Joan Caesar    President, Canadian Association of Magicians


"Dave Merry's comedy is like a breath of fresh air on a hot Canadian night"

- Hank Lee





The show is totally interactive and combines great magic with some of the best one liners in the business....... it’s been described as:



“Doug Henning meets Carrot Top doing Parlour Tricks at the Munster’s” .....Toronto Star


"A Comedy Barrage on Magic's Cutting Edge"....... London Free Press


"Crazed...Hysterical"...... Edmonton Sun



Price: $39.95


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -


                         The Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar 2007

This DVD was shot live at the 2007 Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar. This contains performance videotape, interviews,

and an interactive Q and A. Also on the DVD are friends Bob Sheets and John Ferrentino.

Price: $39.95




         Nude Beekeeping

                                  The Musical


                                    Dave's Official Magic Lecture Notes

David's very own Lecture notes that he sells at conventions and magic gatherings. Lots of off the wall stuff, ideas and musings. Contents range from geek stuff to card work to the ultimate force of any object (well worth the price alone). David has sold hundreds of these in his travels and continually updates the notes by adding and subtracting pieces as they are invented

Price: $12.95




                                      Re-Inventing The Wheel


      Rein.bmp (1317114 bytes)

After living in Las Vegas in the early eighties and (making it to the third round of the World Blackjack championships in 1981) David has become a noted gambling lecturer in Canada (for many large corporations) and gives seminars to the public explaining his sure fire Roulette procedures he stumbled onto in 1997.

After three years of research and over 35,000 spins at roulette tables across the world, David is releasing this one of a kind manuscript on Advanced Roulette procedures, featuring "The Masters" roulette procedure. A procedure which until recently  has gone unnoticed in the gambling world...... until now! Guaranteed to make the gaming world sit up and notice. There is an anomaly about the roulette layout that has been overlooked for years, let David show you the fundamentals of these principals and start consistently winning at roulette. Easy to follow but not recommended for the beginner gambler. This is an underground manuscript and only for serious players. The game of roulette is not taught and you have to come to the table knowing the game inside and out.


* Not shipped to addresses in Atlantic City or Las Vegas without proof of place of employment.


Price: $35.00




 Send Cheques, or International Money Orders in US funds to

David Merry     

31 Old Orchard Grove Toronto On.

Canada M5M 2C8

e-mail David at     merryent@rogers.com

and web site      www.davidmerry.com

Coming soon

The Babysitter,  Appearing Bucket of Coke on ice and The Infamous "Electric Blender"

* Due to the secretive nature on magic equipment, no returns or refunds allowed

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